As a child the first poems I remember were sung – voice, melody, words, rhythm and rhyme – all working together. There was not much separation between the rhythm of the words and the rhythms of the musical voice. And, as a child, when I heard music, I danced. One vibration answering another. Movement in dialogue with sound. So, extending poetry into the realms of movement and music – that was simply to follow what was already there, returning to it in a different way. One artform illuminating another from a different angle – and showing another way into the same space.

It is the space which is the key to it, the space I seek to contact – or which contacts me – when I write. And it’s the same space I look for when I dance or when I hear or make music. This space transmits – an – experience, a feeling, an intangible knowing – it might come initially in the form of a rhythm or an image or a phrase – or even a gesture. My work is then to remain clear enough to sense it as purely as I can, and then to give it form.

Like movement and sounds, words are themselves vibrations, part of the whole spectrum of vibrating energy which deep down is our reality. Poetry – poetry is like the dance of language – words dancing – and pointing beyond themselves, offering a portal onto the mystery which lies beyond, the mystery of our reality. And so, poetry helps open a space which is both pre-verbal and post-verbal – that space where we touch the universe and are touched by it in turn, nourishing our senses and our souls – this space which is both our starting place, the object of our quest and its completion in a higher octave. And this space lies at the core of us, waiting to be discovered.

Irina Kuzminsky

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